Lent Archive



DAY 2 – What happens to my relationship with God when life gets hard?

DAY 3 – How do I answer when God asks for my help?

DAY 4 – Does a person’s status make a difference in how I treat him or her?

DAY 5 – How can I pray when my mind is so full?

DAY 6 – What message do my works send about my faith?

DAY 7 – What does it mean to have new life in Christ?

DAY 8 – What truth do my words tell?

DAY 9 – Where do you go to find rest?

DAY 10 – Why won’t God stop bad things from happening?

DAY 11 – What keeps me from talking to others about Jesus?

DAY 12 – Sometimes good messages come wrapped in conflict.

DAY 13 – What do I worship more than God?