About those Psalms…

Psalms has 150 chapters that scholars typically divide into five “books”:

  • Book One covers Psalms 1-41
  • Book Two, Psalms 42-72
  • Book Three, Psalms 73-89
  • Book Four, Psalms 90-106
  • Book Five, Psalms 107-150

As for authorship, 74 of the 150 Psalms are attributed to King David; 12 to Asaph, David’s choir director; 11 to the Sons of Korah [Numbers 16:3, 26:11]; 1 to Heman [1 Chronicles 25]; 2 to Solomon; and 1 each to Ethan and Moses; 46 of the Psalms are anonymous.

Authorship was viewed very differently in ancient writings. “A Psalm of David” can mean one of three things:  it was written by David, it was written in the style of David, or it was dedicated to David.

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