A Servant’s Heart

They are to do good, to be rich in good works, generous, and ready to share…  (1 Timothy 6:18) 

Several years ago, a co-worker and close friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer. She thought it would be a good idea to drive herself to radiation treatments – five days a week for six weeks. I promptly declared her incompetent and in need of oversight, companionship, and a driver! Having been through treatments with my son, I knew daily radiation wasn’t a one-woman project.

Ultimately, we spent hours together driving not only to treatments, but also doctor appointments and reconstruction consults. Some trips were even overnighters. We spent many hours talking about life (and death), our families, God, and faith. One day she said to me, “You have the heart of a servant.”

I’ve thought about her words many times throughout the years and wondered to myself, “Do I? Do I really have a servant’s heart?” Because, honestly, this heart of mine doesn’t always seem anxious to serve, especially when the limits of my comfort zone are pushed. Sometimes – more times than I’d like to admit – I ignore my servant heart and lounge on my sofa with a book instead of donating time at the Help Center; I quietly slip into my car instead of reaching out to the homeless person sitting on the curb; I serve in all the comfortable ways I want to instead of all the challenging ways God calls me to.

I’ve decided that my friend is right. I do have the heart of a servant.

The question is, will I use it to serve God?

Father, help me to see the needs of not only my friends, but also my neighbors I’ve yet to meet. Give me the strength and the courage to be generous and to share your love with ALL who are in need.